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Energy: Using automation to reduce the ecological footprint

More than a third of global CO2emissions are caused by energy production alone. Around 40 per cent of this energy is consumed by industry. The latest episode of the Impulse ifm magazine shows how automation technology can help companies to reduce their energy consumption to their ecological footprint.


Topics of this edition

  • Overview: Andreas Thürer, Sustainability Manager at ifm, on the progress of ifm’s climate neutrality and the sustainability of its own products. (00:00 – 08:08)
  • Application I: More transparency in the compressed air system: How consumption monitoring and leakage detection solutions reduce costs and demand (08:09 – 16:55)
  • Application II: How HARTING uses automation technology to achieve data transparency in production - and what this means for each individual product. (16:56 – 19:19)
  • Expert talk: Two companies - one goal: How are HARTING and ifm progressing towards climate neutrality? Can energy efficiency be a competitive advantage, or is more co-operation needed in this area? (19:20 – 32:28)




In his function as CTO of the ifm group services, Andreas Thürer is responsible for the global sustainability strategy of the ifm group.

His responsibilities also include technology pre-development, innovation management, product approval and quality management as well as production equipment construction. This combination enables him to seamlessly integrate sustainability initiatives into technological developments and innovations. With the ifm group’s clear goal of climate neutrality by 2030, he directly links technological progress with sustainable action.

Marcel-André Beu is responsible for the flow sensor product area in the ifm group of companies, especially in the areas of thermal and mechatronic flow sensors.

Because of his product management experience, he is familiar with the requirements of the industry and supports customer projects with his technical expertise. He coordinates developments and international launches of new products and collaborates with his team on innovative solutions.

Dr Andreas Imhoff is responsible for Operations at HARTING Electric Stiftung & Co. KG and HARTING Electronics GmbH.

He coordinates the production and production-related areas and thus ensures the high-quality and timely manufacture of the products.

Dr Stephan Middelkamp is responsible for quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and technology at HARTING. He has developed HARTING’s environmental strategy, implements it and ensures that the environmental goals are achieved. This includes CO2 neutrality at all locations worldwide.

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