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Sensors for hydraulic cylinders

The pressure-resistant position sensors are typically used for piston detection on hydraulic cylinders. They only detect ferromagnetic metals. In addition to being used as limit switches in hydraulic cylinders, the sensors are also used on other hydraulic components such as valves or pumps.

The one-piece full-metal housing made from high-grade stainless steel is resistant to pressure peaks up to 1,000bar (bursting pressure) and withstands up to 10 million pressure cycles. A wide operating temperature range and high protection rating allow the use of the sensors in extremely harsh industrial environments.

Schnittzeichnung Hydraulikzylinder

Particularly robust stainless steel sensors

For the high demands on the sensors in hydraulic cylinder applications, ifm electronic offers a tailor-made in-house development.
The sensor is made of a one-piece stainless steel housing. Thus, the pressure requirements of up to an operating pressure of 500 bar can be implemented permanently. In addition, the robust sensor housing also withstands peak pressures and burst pressures that occur in such applications. The MFH series sensors are sealed by an O-ring and a support ring. On M9H series sensors, the O-ring is inserted radially and provides an additional mechanical end stop during mounting.

The sensor detects the end position on hydraulic cylinders in mobile machines or in forming technology. Usually, a step between the piston rod and the piston is scanned here. The operating principle only detects ferromagnetic metals (steel). In the sensor itself, an electronic magnetoresistive measuring cell (MR cell) detects the permanent magnetic field adjacent to it within the sensor. This MR cell is thus in a permanent magnetic field. Since the stainless steel housing has no influence on the magnetic field, only the ferromagnetic metal of the piston rod will be detected. Thus, a ferromagnetic metal can be approximated and the internal field changes in such a way that the downstream electronics will generate a corresponding switching signal.

Sensor family Outputs Connection Properties

Hydraulic cylinder sensors
  • DC PNP / NPN
  • NO/NC
  • M12
  • Pigtail with M12
  • Pigtail with AMP
  • Cable
  • Pressure-resistant up to 500 bar
  • Metal sensing face for heavy duty.
  • High bursting pressure
  • Housing design according to industry standard
  • Life expectancy of more than 10 million pressure cycles