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Object inspection type O2V

Checking variable features of objects and scenes.

Object inspection for packaging, production and quality control.

Whereas common vision sensors check parts on the basis of defined contours (like the contour sensor O2D) the new O2V pixel counter compares on the basis of variable features.

Instead of a defined contour the user determines relative features used by the sensor to assess an object or a scene. Within freely selectable tolerances the sensor determines features such as area, size, roundness or compactness of an object.

Grey-scale values can also be used for assessment. The O2V vision sensor is reliably used for the full / empty monitoring of transport and production vessels.

Extensive assessment parameters for a reliable object inspection by means of variable features. 32 scenes with up to 24 different objects can be saved in the unit.

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Versions with different viewing angles for different field of view sizes.

Password protection against unauthorised access.

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Data logger with fault memory


The vision sensor checks the presence of adhesive labels or imprints, such as production or best before date. The sensor also reliably detects colour marks such as mounting points or defect marks - applied by machine or by hand.


Dual-sheet detection for automated gripper systems as is frequently used in the automotive industry is just as possible as the counting of sheets or fastening clips. Due to their varying reflections it is difficult to represent them by means of a contour.


The pixel counter checks the presence or position of weld seams, weld spots or areas that went blue in variably degrees due to the high welding temperature. Even irregularly applied materials such as glues or greases are detected.

Operating distance / field of view sizes