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IIoT platform moneo: digitalisation made easy

Continuous evaluation of process data is the best basis for sustainably successful business decisions. In order to obtain the important information from the shop floor, reliable connection of the sensors to the IT infrastructure is essential.

moneo, the powerful IIoT platform, effectively and efficiently bridges the gap between the two worlds, thus enabling an easy entry into digital evolution.

moneo’s modular concept provides a selection of different, easy-to-handle applications that can be linked together. From sensor parameter setting to condition monitoring, moneo thus offers all the features of a future-proof IIoT software.

However, you alone decide which applications are required and activated in each individual case. It’s as easy as that. In other words: moneo is great - without ever exceeding the size you really need. That’s what we call simply made for you.

The modular system: The size of your moneo will always adapt to your requirements.

Experience the ease of IT-supported process optimisation with moneo. moneo is the all-in-one platform for all those who wish to interact with their system in a predictive manner. Evaluate information, adjust parameters. All in one software.

moneo OS: the IIoT platform

The heart and management tool for all moneo apps. Intelligent device integration enables a digital image of the system. Tool for calculating data flow models and with automatic alarm function.

moneo infopoints: The data volume

Scalable applications through licensing of data and information points.

moneo edgeConnect: the communication interface

Translates sensor data into readable information and bridges the gap between OT and IT.

moneo RTM: the analysis software

The condition monitoring app for plant monitoring and real-time maintenance. Comprehensive data analysis, less downtime, more efficient maintenance planning and cost-optimised production processes.

moneo DataScience Toolbox: the artificial intelligence

The intelligent toolbox for intelligent monitoring and optimisation of manufacturing processes via early warnings and alarms.

moneo configure: the parameter setting software

The app for parameter setting and management of IO-Link devices and ifm IO-Link masters. Integrated, manufacturer-independent IODD management for time-saving sensor parameter setting. Cockpit for parallel display of parameters and process values.

moneo appliance: the hardware

The ideal hardware with pre-installed software. Optionally within existing infrastructures and easy to implement in the production network. Simple set-up without IT specialist knowledge. Network node for data collection and processing. Continuous system maintenance through integrated data backup, updates, support and logging.

moneo starterkit: test and start

The complete package for condition monitoring: Coordinated hardware and software for monitoring and predictive planning of maintenance requirements.

moneo blue: The app

The app for mobile parameter setting and diagnostics of IO-Link devices in production

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