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The tool for IO-Link devices

Your IO-Link management tool in the stand-alone version

  • Efficient: Central parameter setting of all IO-Link sensors
  • Intelligent: Automatic recognition of IO-Link devices
  • User-friendly: Easy parameter data set management
  • Direct: Access to IO-Link sensors without the PLC

moneo configure enables easy and simultaneous parameter setting of multiple IO-Link sensors. Moreover, it allows central parameter setting of ifm IO-Link masters in the entire network. Using the integrated, manufacturer-independent IODD management in conjunction with the IODD database, you can integrate sensors from other manufacturers into the IO-Link network and also set their parameters.

This saves time and increases the process reliability of your production.

During set-up or error analysis, you will benefit from the clear indication of up to two process data values for each IO-Link sensor. This is manufacturer-independent as well.

Why moneo configure SA?

Parameter data record management Tool for all IO-Link devices Overview of all IO-Link devices in the network Dynamic cockpit
Easy set-up and replacement of IO-Link devices with only one tool Manufacturer-independent device set-up, online / offline, with integrated IODD management Scanning of a complex IO-Link network with masters and devices Parallel visualisation of the process values and parameters

Parameter setting from point to point or via network

Parameter setting of an IO-Link network via direct connection
The software runs on a PC / notebook. The PC is connected directly via the Ethernet interface with the ifm masters.

Parameter setting of an IO-Link network within an IIoT network
The software runs on one or several PCs / notebooks within an IIoT network. The PCs are part of this network and can be connected to the ifm masters via a router or wi-fi (via IoT interface / fieldbus interface).

First set-up of an IO-Link sensor

The parameters of a new sensor are to be set before it will be installed.


  • The settings and functions of the sensor can be tested without a PLC
  • It is possible to save the parameter set in the software
  • User-friendly parameter setting via USB master

Diagnostic possible while the sensor is working

The proper functioning of a sensor connected to an ifm IO-Link master is to be tested.


  • Scanning of the entire network and visualisation of the connected IO-Link devices and masters
  • Search option for sensors using the “application specific tag” and / or the blinking function
  • Clear process value indication in the cockpit for each sensor with simultaneous indication of the current parameters

Securing and increasing process quality

Standardised parameter setting for IO-Link devices
Manufacturer-independent parameter setting software
Increased process safety
Simple set-up and replacement of IO-Link devices with only one tool
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Efficiency increase
Integrated, manufacturer-independent IODD management

Please note:
Some of moneo configure SA’s listed functions will only be available in future version updates

System requirements:
• e.g. Quadcore CPU with 1.6 GHz or Dualcore with 2.6 GHz
• 8 GB RAM
• 1 GB hard disk space (SSD or HDD)
• Graphics min. Full HD 1920 x 1080
• 1 x USB 3.0 or higher.
• 1 x Ethernet port min. (100 MBit min.)
• Windows 10
• Browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox