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  1. IO-Link benefits
  2. System overview

IO-Link system overview

What opportunities does IO-Link offer?

Manufacturing plants worldwide are increasingly relying on high-performance data and information technology to improve their overall equipment efficiency. Always present: IO-Link. The breakthrough technology enables sensors to simultaneously transmit diagnostic information to the PLC and to higher-level IT infrastructures.

You would like to know more about IO-Link? Nothing easier than that. We have summarised the most important facts and benefits of IO-Link for you.

What does IO-Link offer you?

  • An IEC 61131-9 global standard digital communication protocol
  • An easy-to-set-up point-to-point communication, not a fieldbus
  • A technology that can be connected to control systems with Ethernet-based fieldbus systems (such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, AS-i)

How do you benefit from IO-Link?

  • Uses standard, unshielded M8 or M12 cables of up to 20 metres
  • Allows devices to send and receive significantly more data
  • Receive digital measured values and process data from the sensor without any conversion losses
  • Parameter setting and monitoring via software
  • Reading and logging of event and diagnostic data
  • Binary use of sensors in SIO mode
  • Use of additional digital functions in COM mode

Bottom line: IO-Link provides an easy and comfortable way to build a future-proof foundation for smart industrial automation.