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Track and Trace Gate: efficient monitoring of the flow of goods

Security & transparency in the flow of goods

The ifm Track and Trace Gate is the complete solution for your automated and transparent logistics in your incoming and outgoing goods processes. By directly transferring all goods flows to the IT level, you can organise the interlocking of production, inventory and suppliers more efficiently than ever before.

The cost saving comes on top of this: Goods that are not picked properly generate consequential errors. Thanks to the new, digital transparency, errors can be avoided, the process speed, especially the order throughput time, can be increased and thus the fulfilment quality can be improved. This not only relieves internal resources of costs, but also increases customer satisfaction. You can call it Logistics 4.0, or Smart Distribution. The decisive factors are the advantages that the ifm Track and Trace Gate offers you from the very first moment.

There are three typical mistakes in order picking:

• Wrong goods
• No goods
• Too many goods

  • According to studies, the average error rate during order picking
    is between 0.3% and 3%
  • Average costs vary extremely depending on industry, product and company
  • The loss of image is not quantifiable


How does the ifm Track and Trace Gate work?

The ifm Track and Trace Gate supports product tracking in your incoming and outgoing goods processes. It detects objects equipped with a UHF ID tag according to EPC Class1 GEN2/ISO 18000-6C. The solution connects all the required components to a controller in which the data is pre-processed and made available for further processing by third-party programmes. If, for example, a comparison is made in the ERP with the order or delivery note to be assigned, the controller can display the proper loading/unloading of the goods in the form of status and signals via a feedback file received from there.

Product advantages

What are the advantages of the ifm Track and Trace Gate?

By using a smart RFID incoming and outgoing goods inspection, the flow of goods can be shown transparently and processed on an IT basis. This allows optimising loading times, avoiding picking errors and saving costs. The quality increased in this way can also improve the supplier rating in the long term.

Intelligently networked sensors
Direction detelction optionally via 3D sensors or light battiers. Optionally with 3D volume measurement
Avoidance of wrong deliveries through transparency of the goods flow
Linking the real flow of goods with the digital planning/order processes.
Suitabe for robust use
The ifm Track and Trace Gate consists entirely of industrial components with protection rating IP65/IP67.
Individual real-time support of Edge Device and ERP
Simple interface to your processes through file transfers between Edge Controller and ERP for digital networked logistics processes.
Simple, intuitive and flexible
ready-to-start appication package, simple graphical set-up. No programming required Additional gates can be added to the existing Edge Controller without much effort via a switch.
Cost savings through error avoidance
Less effort for incoming goods inspection and reconciliation with the order/loading lists. The reconciliation of the data with the ERP systems is fully automatic and therefore less error-prone than manual bookings. In this way, possible wrong deliveries will be detected and avoided at an early stage.

Product overview

Article Description Triggering and loading direction detection Extensibility
Master package with edgeController O3D sensor Enables precise positioning of the goods for 1 gate, extensible with max. 9 extension packages to control 10 gates per master package
Extension package for
ZZ0814/0818 or ZZ0816/0820
1 extension package required per additional gate
Master package with edgeController Laser retro-reflective sensor   for 1 gate, extensible with max. 9 extension packages to control 10 gates per master package
Extension package for
ZZ0814/0818 or ZZ0816/0820
1 extension package required per additional gate
ZZ1124 UHF gate edgeController edgeController with pre-installed RFID software Spare part for ZZ0814/0818 or ZZ0816/0820
Overview ifm Track and Trace Gate master packages and extension packages

DTE930 for use in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa


The ifm Track and Trace Gate is an investment that quickly pays for itself.
The amortisation period results from the following formula

Acquisition costs + integration costs / error costs saved = payback time

Already after approx. 570,000 deliveries, error costs of €290,000 due to commission and delivery errors are reached with an error rate of only 3%.

The amortisation of this example is therefore already given in the year of investment under the following conditions:

  • 200,000 deliveries per year with a deployment of 10 gates and the statistical mean value of €17 per misdelivery
  • 400,000 deliveries per year with a deployment of 20 gates

Calculate yourself:


Incoming and outgoing goods through a clearance gate

The Track and Trace Gate Solution provides answers to the following questions

  • What was delivered?
  • When was delivered?
  • Where does the material arrive?
  • Where is the material needed? (line, warehouse etc.)
  • Have my goods arrived?

The components of the application in detail: