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Municipal vehicles

Certified mobile controllers
Can be used as controllers for the machine process and as safety controllers (SIL2/ PLd) with CANopen Safety support

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ioControl reduces wiring
Standardised screw or plug-and-socket connections ensure safe and easy connection of sensors and actuators

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Displays with integrated operating keys or with additional touch screen
The powerful interface between the machine operator and the central controller

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Cameras as reversing assistants or for monitoring the loading process
More safety on public roads

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More efficient route planning with mobileMaintenance
Route planning and vehicle diagnostics during operation or at the depot

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ISOBUS Gateway
The easiest way to use the ISOBUS. There are libraries for ifm’s mobile controllers that enable quick and reliable integration of the ISOBUS into (already existing) applications.

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Exact positioning
An inductive sensor for mobile use enables precise positioning of the bin lift system

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Sensors and control components used in municipal vehicles must meet the highest of demands: Their components are exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, dirt and vibrations. In this environment, ifm’s devices and sensors for mobile use demonstrate their full potential. The units are designed to withstand even the harshest operating conditions. Their reliable operation in mobile applications is ensured through the E1 type approval of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority). Maximum safety for operators and other road users is guaranteed.

This is especially important for municipal vehicles as they mainly move in public road traffic.


Customer story: refuse trucks

Modern side loader vehicles are used for waste disposal in an increasing number of cities. The operator manoeuvres the vehicle parallel to the pavement where the bins have been placed. The waste bins are then automatically lifted, emptied and put down again by the gripper arm at the side of the vehicle. Read our application report to find out how the O3M 3D sensor for mobile use increases the safety of the vehicles of the waste disposal company in Paderborn.

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Compact sweeper vehicle

Despite their compact design, the sweepers are distinguished by an environmentally-friendly technology and an excellent sweeping performance.

This is, among other things, the result of using ecomatmobile control technology. Cost-optimised control modules and compact dialogue modules make it easy to create a system design adapted to the application.

Sensors for mobile applications monitor the machine functions and guarantee trouble-free operation. Inductive sensors are used to monitor the waste container lock, while a pressure transmitter detects the level in the service water tank.


Mobile recycling shredder

Since raw materials are becoming more and more precious, recycling technology becomes more and more important. Wood waste, tree cuttings, building material or metal recycling: Optimal processing and sorting of the materials guarantees high-quality recycling.

The shredding process causes extreme vibrations and shocks that have an impact on electronic components. For this reason, ecomatmobile components are tested under real world conditions. Heat, water or dirt: The housings protect the electronics and also withstand extreme conditions. Also electric interference has no impact on the control modules and, thus, on the machine function.


Customer story: sewer cleaning machine

Sewer cleaning vehicles feature two pump systems: The jetting pump cleans sewers and tanks. With the vacuum pump, sludge, wastewater and industrial waste can be sucked into a tank mounted on the vehicle. These municipal vehicles are manufactured by our Danish customer Bucher. ifm’s ecomatmobile components for mobile use provide them with a simple and safe control solution. Learn how the robust HMI supports the driver.

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