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Current loop display for 4...20 mA signals

Display analogue values

Despite growing digitalisation, there are still many situations where analogue measured values such as the level in a tank or the temperature of a climatized room must be directly readable in the control cabinet or at the control desk. The current loop display is designed for precisely this purpose.

It is simply looped into the line of the 4...20 mA analogue signal. No voltage source is required, as the energy of the analogue signal is sufficient to power the device.

Flexible adjustment of values

The display can be configured to indicate the measurand as an actual value, such as the level in centimetres or the temperature in degrees Celsius. To this end, the user can freely define and scale the measuring range using start and end points. Even non-linear signals can easily be displayed as linear values using freely positionable linearization points. For example, an angle of aperture can be indicated using measured distance values. This provides the user with a powerful and easy-to-use measured value display.