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Augmented reality: mobile 3D smart camera with overlay function

  • 3D sensor system with integrated 2D camera and overlay function
  • Indication of warnings and obstacles in the live view
  • Signal processing in the sensor, no external process unit required
  • Easy adjustment via ifm Vision Assistant

Augmented reality
The 3D smart camera is the first 3D sensor system with integrated 2D camera. The video image is displayed with real-time graphics, symbols or texts. They are either triggered by the integrated driver assistance system or by the machine controller via CAN. Thus, the user can always see all relevant warnings or other relevant details in the camera image.

Integrated assistance system
In addition to the 3D and 2D image sensor a complete evaluation system is integrated in the sensor system. This system provides an independent assistance system for collision avoidance for the user. Set-up only requires just a few steps using the ifm Vision Assistant PC software. In addition to the analogue video output the smart camera also features a CAN and Ethernet UDP interface. The system can use this interface to supply warnings in critical situations autonomously.