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ecomatController starter kit: the easy way to start programming

  • Including ecomatController CR710S
  • Pre-wired simulator box with switches and potentiometers to simulate binary and analogue signals
  • Includes all necessary connection and interface cables
  • Programming software and documentation for CODESYS

The quick way to start programming mobile machines
The new generation of ecomatControllers is the modern controller platform for vehicles and machine tools of the future. This pre-wired starter kit includes the compact ecomatController CR710S with all necessary cables to supply the controller and to wire the interfaces for data exchange via CAN and Ethernet as well as the inputs and outputs. A simulator box offers switches, potentiometers and signal displays to simulate switching states and analogue input signals. The integrated CODESYS software package (version 3.5) makes it easy to get familiar with the controller and to create an application program.

Powerful electronics
The heart of the starter kit is the ecomatController CR710S that is designed according to all applicable standards for mobile electronics and equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-core 32 bit processor with a clock frequency of 300 MHz. It offers all functions to create application programs and get familiar with the integrated hardware functions. RGB status LEDs indicate the most important system messages. If required, the internal controllers that can be programmed separately (1 x standard, 1 x safety) will give you your first experiences with the programming of safety controllers for applications up to EN 13849 PL d and EN 62061 SIL cl2.

Interfaces with extended functionality
Via the integrated M12 sockets, two CAN interfaces are available in addition to an RS232 and the Ethernet interface with integrated switch. All CAN interfaces support the essential bus protocols CANopen, CANopen Safety and J1939.

Configurable inputs and outputs
Each simulator box has 6 pre-wired inputs and outputs. They can be configured as digital, frequency or analogue inputs with diagnostic function or as inputs for resistance measurement. The outputs can be configured as diagnostic digital or PWM outputs. All inputs and outputs can also be configured as fail-safe channels, if required. Special sensors and actuators can be connected in addition via wirable flat-pin connectors.

Programmable according to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS
Programming is done by means of the standardised IEC 61131-3 languages. Program examples and libraries are available to get familiar with the software.