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Radar Level Sensor: quick and precise up to 10m

Trouble-free level monitoring

The new radar level sensor LW2720 sets new benchmarks for speed and accuracy.
Starting with installation in record time: A standard M12 cable, fast parameter setting using IO-Link and a large selection of adapters enable simple and customized out of the box start-up. ​

If LW2720 is for example active in tanks up to 10 meter precise level measurement is still possible with integrated mixers or sprayballs. Also different media do not have a detrimental effect on measurements. Even the high-speed filling or emptying of tanks are registered by the radar sensor thanks to the 80GHz technology – fast, with high precision and without blind zones. ​

If you have no time to waste and would like to know more about this high-speed sensor, then just click here for more information.

Product benefits

Which benefits does the radar level sensor have to offer?

Best possible performance
Die 80GHz technology enables focused and precise level measurement
Hygienic design
Certified for use in hygienic environments,
IP66/68 and IP69K
Easy set-up
Plug & Work thanks to the standard M12 connection. Only one value required for parameter setting and a wide range of adapters
Reliable quality
As a matter of principle we offer 5 year warranty on our products


Use Case in a brewery

Fermentation tank

The radar level sensor is used for continuous level measurement in a fermentation tank. Tanks equipped with a jet cleaner and have a conical bottom pose a challenge for level measurement. Thanks to the LW’s operating frequency of 80 GHz it provides a narrow beam and is therefore not influenced by the jet cleaner. The narrow beam of the LW provides a reliable measurement of the conically shaped tank bottom without interference from stray reflections.

IO-Link benefits

  • Loss-free data transmission
    Digital transmission of the level value
  • Plug & Work
    Easy installation. Only one parameter is required.
  • Remote maintenance
    Remote parameter setting and level monitoring are possible using IT-connectivity

How does radar level measurement function?


The device works according to the FMCW method (FMCW = Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave). Electromagnetic pulses in the GHz range are sent to the medium at a constantly changing frequency between 77 and 81 GHz. Since the transmitter continuously changes the frequency of the transmitted signal, there is a frequency difference between the transmitted and the reflected signal. The frequency of the reflected signal is subtracted from the frequency of the signal transmitted at that time, resulting in a low frequency signal proportional to the distance to the level. This signal is further processed in order to obtain fast, reliable and highly accurate level measurements.