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Absolutely unique: measuring air gaps more accurately than ever before

  • Output of the air gap as an absolute value with repeat accuracy in the micrometre range
  • Accurate values at all times thanks to the pressure-compensated measuring principle
  • All important information including gap value, flow and pressure at a glance
  • The self-cleaning measuring channel even withstands the purge air pressure

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Easy teaching of target status with just one click

Permanently accurate position monitoring

The SDP air gap sensor detects the distance between the surface and object with consistent high accuracy and outputs it as an absolute value. The sensor reliably detects even a flat position on the surface, the so-called zero gap. Since the gap is calculated on the basis of pressure and flow, the measurement remains accurate at all times within the usual operating pressure range between 1 and 3 bars, regardless of pressure fluctuations, number and diameter of the nozzles.

High pressure rating with self-cleaning effect

The robust measuring pipe also withstands the purge air pressure. This eliminates the need to switch between flushing and measuring. Positive effect: the measuring element is also cleaned and malfunctions due to contamination are prevented.

Quick set-up

The air gap sensor can be taught to detect the target state both via the buttons and via the external input, or with just one click via IO-Link. The set-up time of the system can therefore be greatly reduced during a production changeover.