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Accelerate pallet detection using 3D cameras

  • For all standard pallets with two pallet pockets
  • Position accuracy of ± 1cm
  • Ranges up to 4 m
  • Detection time < 1 s
  • Communication via Ethernet or CAN
  • Support on GitHub

The PDS pallet detection system is a tried-and-tested software solution for faster, fully automatic and position-independent detection of standard pallet types with two pockets. In combination with the O3D hardware, pallet position detection is extremely fast and accurate. This constitutes a significant reduction of the overall cycle time of pallet detection in autonomous and semi-autonomous pallet handling vehicles.

Even in adverse environmental conditions, the sophisticated software solution will lead the lift fork reliably to its destination by means of the 3D point cloud of the ToF camera. The Pallet Detection System directly impacts the performance of the autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles by increasing the speed of detecting the pallet position without sacrificing the quality of the detection.