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ifm Australia : Support in more than just words

Dear Customer and Partners,

In these challenging and difficult times, we understand that your priorities are focussed on your business, your employees and families, just as it is for us too.

Therefore having clarity from your suppliers is important and we at ifm can assure you of that.

We have heard that some companies are talking about price increases due to volatility in the markets. Others have even felt it necessary to send out a statement saying there will be no price increase.

To be honest the thought never crossed our minds, so we felt it unnecessary to inform you that prices would not change.

However in case you needed more reassurance, ifm Australia WILL NOT be raising prices.

There are more pressing things to do like keeping our customers businesses running and all employees in work. That is our duty at the current time, and we can assure you of that.

Our stores is operational and we have increase stocks accordingly to smooth out any possible challenges as far as possible.

Our company motto is “close to you”, now more than ever that means we will stay as close as you need us to be, in support of your business goals and each other.

We will all get through this together !