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Discover TCC - the temperature sensor that checks itself

Are you confident in your temperature instruments?

Temperature is one of the most important measurements used in process control. In the food and beverage industries, accurate and stable temperature measurement is vital for proper product quality and safety.  But, what happens if your process temperature is inaccurate?


The TCC from ifm is designed to combat the challenges of typical temperature products

At-a-glance indication of sensor health
“Calibration check technology” provides real-time monitoring of instrument accuracy. The TCC signals deviation from user-specified tolerance electronically as well as visually when the LED changes to blue.
IO-Link provides detailed process insight
Leveraging digital communication provides better measurement accuracy and reliability than analog since there are no signal losses.
One-piece housing eliminates ingress
A major contributor to instrument drift is moisture ingress. The fully-welded 316 stainless steel construction of the TCC eliminates ingress.
Variety of probe lengths and fittings
1.5” and 2” triclamp, 6 mm diameter, and G1/2” hygienic process connections with probe lengths up to 550 mm fit most applications.
Smart diagnostics monitor accuracy
Two RTD elements in the tip react to temperature changes in opposite directions and the microprocessor monitors them for any potential decrease in measurement accuracy.