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Mobile machinery fleet management

Increase the efficiency of your machine fleet

Monitor the productivity of your machines in real-time

Make more targeted and optimised use of your machines thanks to transparent and effective planning options.

High-priced machines in particular require close and constant monitoring. Only with minimal downtime will a machine be economically viable in the long run. With mobile IoT, managing individual machines up to entire fleets is now as easy as child’s play. This solution allows you to monitor the progress of all your machines live and permanently produce location, status and order information. mobile IoT lets you stay on top of your fleet anytime, anywhere, and optimise idle times, which in turn minimises downtime.

Increase customer orientation, develop new business models

The detailed information can also be used to analyse your customers’ machine usage patterns. Using this knowledge, you can focus on particular models and features to permanently fulfil customer needs in the best possible way. In addition, you can develop new business models on the basis, for example, of a more efficient machine utilisation.

Obtain order information in real time

With mobile IoT, your machines, users and customers have access to the cloud, but your data is safe and you are always in full control of your machine fleet. The information required for an effective asset management can thus be provided at any time. Based on the cloud data, each machine can be located. This information is not only valuable for productivity, but also for order processing and invoicing.

Advantages and benefits of mobile IoT for business and management

mobile IoT = machine and business management, visualisation and data analysis

  • Financial insights: Use mobile IoT to determine the value of machines for your company
  • Decrease production time: Production KPIs can be monitored and optimised all the way to the machine
  • Lifetime value of the machine: Data can be produced and evaluated throughout the machine’s lifetime
  • Increase in profits: Monitoring availability, performance and quality helps increase machine effectiveness and profits
  • Machine status: mobile IoT provides detailed insights into the operational status of the entire machine fleet
  • Automated notifications: Automated notifications of problems or operational availability help reduce response times
  • Positive balance: The time required for invoicing is reduced, as Fleet Management receives the status information immediately after order completion
  • Always one step ahead: With mobile IoT, machines and features can be adapted to market requirements much faster

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Service packages and hardware: the optimum combination

With mobile IoT your possibilities are unlimited

The mobile IoT service packages give you maximum flexibility thanks to different data volume options. The range of services also includes live connections for maintenance and service. In addition, a matching communication module for your network will allow you to quickly and easily put together the ideal hardware-machine combination for your specific application. Choose the service package and hardware that works best for you: