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Silo applications

Easily wire silo applications with AS-i and save costs

The AS-i Airbox combines electronics and pneumatics in one housing.
Easy installation in 4 steps:

AS-i AirBox
  1. Place the yellow AS-i flat cable in the lower part
  2. Place the upper part
  3. Connect by actuating the slide
  4. Compressed air supply as well as connection of the actuator takes place via standard pneumatic tubes
  1. Push-in pneumatic tubes prevent leaks

Saving costs does not only mean reducing installation and set-up costs, but also avoiding unnecessary leaks. This is where the AirBox helps by means of decentralisation:The valve is in the immediate vicinity of the actuator.

Additional advantages:

  • cost savings thanks to possible pressure decrease
  • shorter switching times
  • shorter pneumatic tubes

AS-i Safety at Work: E-STOP

Safety technology with AS-i: simple, intuitive and flexible.

Conventional wiring of E-STOP devices is very complex.
Cables must be cut to length and laid. In the terminal chamber of the E-STOP, they must be stripped and fitted with wire end sleeves before they can be connected to the contact points.

As-i reduces cabling and assembly costs to a bare minimum. Using an M12 connection cable, the E-STOP is simply connected to a cable insulation displacement connector, which ensures a quick and secure connection thanks to the piercing method.

  • Easiest wiring thanks to piercing technology
  • Fewer documents
  • Clear structure
  • Troubleshooting is easy

Identification and coding with RFID and AS-Interface

Unique combination in production control

  • The tag is read automatically when the antenna passes
  • High reading reliability in all applications
  • The gateway is the head-end and transmits the value to each fieldbus
  • The AS-Interface certification guarantees manufacturer-independent compatibility

Easy wiring for data and energy

  • Quick connection
  • Flexible branching
  • No screening
  • Address, connect, … ready!

No configuration required.

Clever process valve wiring with AS-i

AS-Interface- solutions for food and process applications

Conventional wiring

  • Many terminals
  • Complicated wiring
  • Long pneumatic tubes
  • Much documentation
  • Confusing

Control and feedback via AS-Interface

  • Data and energy on one two-wire cable
  • Quick connection technology
  • Flexible branching, simple and clearly structured