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High-precision positioner for industrial valves

Precise positioning of valves

Positioners are used to move valves and ball valves precisely to the required position, based on a signal from the control level indicating the degree to which the valve is to open in percent.

The positioner developed by ifm is based on the pr oven MVQ sensor and is supplemented by a new control unit. The connected solenoid valve is precisely controlled using the algorithms integrated in the MVQ. By controlling the supply and exhaust air, the valve is reliably moved to the required position and held there securely. The positioner provides feedback via its indicators and the control system when the valve has reached the required position.

The device has several teach-in modes to maximise efficiency and ease of set-up. Besides, a self-learning algorithm has been developed that continuously monitors, improves and expands the performance of the positioner.

Complete set

The MVQ positioner is supplied as a comprehensive set consisting of the MVQ301 sensor and control unit, a pneumatic solenoid valve, a throttle plate and a Y cable. Its modular design makes it easy to install directly on the NAMUR interface of the actuator. Different versions of the set are available, which differ, for example, in their behaviour to power or compressed air failures.