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Optical identification of 1D/2D codes and text

Versatile solution for production and logistics

The O2I multicode reader detects 1D and 2D codes as well as text elements. Even in case of multiple codes and text sections or combinations thereof, the O2I provides accurate evaluations in a single image capture. This makes the multicode reader a universally applicable solution for production and logistics processes where codes and text information are to be checked for quality or used for product tracking.

Thanks to the integrated and customisable RGBW lighting, even difficult colour combinations of code / text and background can be read with ease.

Easy integration with IO-Link

Integration is extremely simple thanks to the use of IO-Link. Once removed from the packaging, the multicode reader can be directly inserted into the existing IO-Link infrastructure. All that needs to be done in order to set the sensor to a code is to run through the teaching process. For more demanding identification tasks, the user-friendly PC software “Vision Assistant” is available.

Data with a size of more than 32 bytes are automatically divided into several blocks and transmitted to the controller via IO-Link using the fast COM3 standard. There is an automatic separation of the data blocks with an adjustable hold time of the data. A major advantage for the user is that no special function blocks are required in the control programme.

In addition, IO-Link enables convenient setting of various sensor parameters directly from the controller, including, for example, focus, data strings for code comparison or diagnosis. This makes it easy to adapt the reader to changing products or operating processes.

All in one system

The multicode reader O2I now also detects fonts and characters in addition to the familiar 1D and 2D codes. It ensures reliable identification even under difficult conditions, e.g. in case of changing extraneous light or shiny surfaces. The manufacturing date, the batch number and the serialisation of the products are now important points in the environment of track & trace - tasks in the environment of Industry 4.0. With the further developed O2I, these tasks can now be mastered brilliantly. Reading or comparing texts alone, or in combination with 1D and 2D codes.