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For pure water: measure conductivity from 0.04 μS/cm

  • For effective, permanent control of water and process quality
  • Hygienic approval according to EHEDG and 3A*
  • Compact sensor requires no further hardware for operation
  • High resolution enables detection of the smallest deviations

Safe solution for permanent process quality

The LDL101 conductivity sensor is the right choice where the purity of water is crucial for product quality or process reliability. The sensor detects the conductivity of water from a value of 0.04 μs/cm. This makes it ideal for applications where purified water of all levels is used. This is the case in food and beverage production as well as in the semiconductor industry, the pharmaceutical industry and in energy production. In combination with the SU PureSonic ultrasonic flow sensor, reliable quality control can be established in filtration processes, for example.

Quality assurance and condition monitoring

The high resolution and the loss-free digital transmission of the measured values via IO-Link enable a permanently precise analysis of the water quality, ensuring flawless processes.
If the conductivity value rises, this can indicate, for example, that filters in the production process of highly purified water require maintenance.
Used in the monitoring of the cooling circuit, the LDL101 can detect increasing mineralisation of the water so that countermeasures can be taken before the piping system suffers major damage.

*In prepraration