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Continuous position feedback and diagnostics

Valve feedback systems

  • Great all-round position visibility from a distance
  • Continuous position feedback
  • Easy setting via teach button or IO-Link
  • Diagnostic functions: cycle time and count, seal monitoring

Flexible configuration
The smart valve sensor matches settings to the application software (LR Device) or inductive teach button. Any end position of the valve and the size of the sensing range can be set. A third switch point can be selected, for example for three-way valves or for switching off the pump to avoid pressure peaks.

Diagnostic functions
The IO-Link communication interface allows the identification of different wear conditions. On the one hand, the sensor features seal monitoring indicating a change of the closed position, which can point to deposits or wear of the seal, for example. On the other hand, the different positions can be counted and the time taken can be measured.

The new smart valve sensor