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AS-i Safety at Work module

Two safe digital inputs and two standard outputs at one address​

  • 2 safe digital inputs and 2 standard outputs
  • Connection of 2 safe inductive sensors with OSSD outputs or light grids using only one As-i address
  • Certification to EN 62061 / SIL2 and EN ISO 13849-1 / PL d
  • Precise and flexible quick mounting
  • The module is directly supplied from AS-Interface

Safe ClassicLine module​
The safe input module allows safety-related components without integrated AS-Interface to be connected to the AS-i Safety at Work system.

For components without AS-Interface​
So, 2-channel inductive sensors with electronic OSSD outputs (e.g. GG712S) or light grids up to performance level d to EN 13849-1 can be connected to a single AS-i address using a 4-wire standard connection cable. Two integrated outputs ensure the connection of two actuators, such as signal lamps or relays. The safe sensors and the outputs are completely powered by AS-i.

Advantages and customer benefits​
Safe sensors with a current consumption below 200 mA can be operated on AC509S without auxiliary voltage. Connection is only made via the yellow AS-i flat cable.

AS-i quick connection​
The quick-connection technology provides a high degree of installation reliability and flexibility. The AS-i flat cable can be inserted from three different directions.

On-site diagnosis​
LEDs indicate the status of the inputs and outputs and the communication.

The safe AS-i module AC509S detects safety-related switching states of two electronic contacts with two self-testing semiconductor outputs (OSSD) each. The module meets the requirements up to SIL2 according to EN 62061 and PL d to EN 13849-1. In the event of a fault, the integrated communication monitoring switches the signal outputs off.

The modules can be addressed either without voltage before mounting or when mounted and wired via the addressing socket. Only the AC1154 addressing unit plus the E70213 addressing cable are required.