RFID Features
Integrated Web-based Controls The DTE Series controller allows for fast, simple setup, monitoring and troubleshooting with an integrated web server. The web interface gives the user the ability to parameterize the RFID system through any network-connected computer with a web browser. The DTE controller allows for reading and writing of RFID tags without the use of expensive handheld devices.

Configurable I/O PortsThe DTE controller allows up to 4 antennas to be connected. Each port is configurable for RFID read/write antennas or simple digital I/O points.
Use of Non-shielded CableTypical RFID systems recommend the use of costly shielded cabling. The ifm RFID system uses a digital transmission which is robust, reliable and can be used with inexpensive standard industrial cables.
Standard RFID Frequency and Tagsifm RFID antennas communicate with the RFID tags in the standard 13.56 MHz frequency, which provides a well defined communication field. ifm RFID tags are available in assorted sizes, with varying capacities, ranging from 896 bit to 64 Kbit, and follow the ISO15693 standard.