R360 Mobile Controllers
Hardened PLCs with integrated CAN networks are easily programmed using IEC 61131-3 software. These stand-alone units offer configurable I/O and are ideal for automating all of the working functions on your vehicle. Built-in SAE J1939 functionality enables easy communication with the vehicle.

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HMI Display Monitors
Visual display of vehicle systems provides operating conditions and diagnostics, I/O status, fault monitoring and data collection. Full-color user interfaces feature backlit function keys for data entry and handling.

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CANbus I/O Modules
CANbus I/Os reduce complex wire harnesses that are heavy, adding weight to the vehicle, and difficult to troubleshoot. Decentralized I/O modules connect binary and analog sensors to the controller via CANbus.

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Sensors & Cameras
Robust sensors for position detection, hydraulic system pressure, and inclination are available to replace mechanical devices on your vehicle.

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3D Smart Sensor
Your assistant on mobile machines, aiding you in:
  • Object Detection
  • Crash Prediction
  • Distance Monitoring
  • Automatic Reflector Detection
  • Line Guidance and Edge/Swath Detection

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Via a cellular connection service, diagnostic data is read and can be revised, if necessary. The CANremote radio gateway transfers the data between the CAN and GSM / UMTS networks. The GPS option allows detection of machine location and implementation of location-dependent functions.

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CoDeSys Software
Easy-to-use software for application programming and configuration setting. The software is modular and offers a choice of six different languages that can be selected within a project. Code can be reused and exported to other projects, saving time in software development.

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Everything needed to complete an entire mobile system. From mounting and protective covers to cables and aerials.

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The ifm Mobile Team
The product, people and know-how to help you succeed in your business. The ifm mobile team has vast experience in developing, testing and commissioning vehicles from start to finish.

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Mobile Applications
Select your industry to see examples of available solutions to suit your needs.

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