IO-Link - point-to-point communication

Industry 4.0 is based on making our factories smarter, so our machines can gather valuable data, then communicate and utilize that data in real time. This communication enables enhanced production capabilities while being able to immediately access and analyze data that was not previously available. The foundation of Industry 4.0 is utilizing real time data from the plant floor. Once collected, this data can be analyzed, formulated and shared to make every aspect of Industry 4.0 a reality. Sensors on the machines collect vast amounts of data but, until now, the data has been essentially trapped, with no pathway to the control system. Now, a breakthrough technology called IO-Link can access this trapped data through existing wiring.


IO-Link features:

Provides pure digital signal value that is noise immune.
Plug and Play sensor replacement: Restoring the sensor / actuator parameters automatically when replacing and servicing the sensors.
Sensor health: Additional diagnostic information can be requested if needed, meaning easier fault location and so reduced downtime.
Remote, tamper-free parameterization: Access to all available parameters of the sensors can be reached through the PLC without the need of external software and local sensor display.
Recipe changes: Send recipe changes directly to multiple yet specific sensors with the push of a button. Downtime and production change over is minimized.
Not a fieldbus dependent system, IO-Link can be added to most existing control architecture with minimal effort. Data transfer is based on a 24 V signal. Screened cables and required grounding are no longer necessary.

IP67 IO-Link Modules

Type Description Part No.
ProfiNet - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AL1000
ProfiBus - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AL1010
EtherNet/IP - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AL1020
EtherCat - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AL1030

IP20 IO-Link Modules

Type Description Part No.
ProfiNet/Modbus TCP - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AY1000
EtherNet IP/Modbus TCP - 8 IO-Link ports - IO-Link 1.1 AY1020

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IO-Link Consortium:
IO-Link originated from a group of leading sensor and actuator manufacturers who developed a protocol to help bring intelligent sensor data back to the control system. The main goal of the consortium was to enable users to extract this sensor intelligence without adding cost. For more information on the Consortium, visit .
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