Temperature Sensors
Industrial RTDs and Thermowells
TK/TV Temperature Switch
TA Temperature Transmitter
TP Temperature Transmitter Assembly
TN/TD Temperature Switch & Transmitter
TR Switch & Transmitter Assembly
Sanitary RTDs and Thermowells
TP Sanitary Transmitter Assembly
TA Sanitary Transmitter
  • Output Process
    4…20 mA ¾” Tri-Clamp
    4…20 mA 1½” Tri-Clamp
    4…20 mA 3mm / Welding
    4…20 mA Modular
    4…20 mA Thermowell Mounting
    4…20 mA Flush Mount
  • For sanitary applicationsIntegrated RTD for insertion depths up to 6”Temperature ranges from -58…392 °F (-50… 200 °C)2-wire DC loop power, scalable 4…20 mA analog outputTri-Clamp and thermowell mounting options
  • Coming soon
TD Sanitary Transmitter with Display
TW Infrared Temperature Sensor