Capacitive Sensors
M12, M18, M30 Tubular Sensors -
Industrial Automation
  • Tubular Capacitive Sensors
  • Diameter -
    Sensing Range
    f=flush, nf=nonflush
    M12 - DC 4 mm f
    8 mm nf
    M18 - DC up to 12 mm nf
    M18 - AC/DC up to 12 mm nf
    M30 - DC 8 mm f
    up to 20 mm nf
    M30 - AC/DC up to 20 mm nf
  • For position detection of most materials Industry standard sizes and mounting AC or DC switching outputs Output LED Easy pushbutton or potentiometer sensitivity adjustment
  • Coming soon
Rectangular Sensors -
Industrial Automation
M30, M34 Tubular -
Intrinsically Safe
Touch Sensors - Industrial
Automation and Washdown