Product line

Position Sensors

Durable and highly reliable sensors for non-contact position sensing applications. Product lines include:
  • Inductive sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Laser sensors
  • Fiber optics
  • Switching amplifiers
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Cylinder sensors
  • Optical fork and angle sensors
  • Distance measurement sensors
  • Valve position sensors
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Sensors for Motion Control

Incremental rotary encoders evaluate linear or rotational movement. Self-contained speed monitors detect rotational speed conditions. Product lines include:
  • Encoders
  • Inclination sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Pulse evaluation systems
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Vision Sensors

ifm’s vision sensor product line includes products that are used for error-proofing and inspection applications, and 3D evaluation of an object’s shape, size and volume in a variety of industrial automation applications. Product lines include:
  • efector dualis inspection sensors
  • 3D image sensors
  • efector dualis pixel counters
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Safety Technology

ifm safety technology products offer a broad range of non-contact, fail-safe inductive sensors that detect metal targets. Safety light curtains and grids protect personnel from unsafe work areas. Product lines include:
  • Fail safe inductive sensors
  • Safety light grids
  • Safety controllers
  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety relays
  • AS-i Safety at Work
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Process Sensors

ifm process sensors and transmitters monitor system parameters in various hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Product lines include:
  • Pressure sensors and transmitters
  • Flow sensors and meters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Valve position sensors
  • Vacuum sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Signal evaluation systems
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Industrial Networks

Industrial networks use the AS-i networking system to connect sensors and actuators with plug-and-play functionality. An ideal technology for reducing wiring costs on machines. Product lines include:
  • AS-i controllers and gateways
  • AS-i I/O modules
  • AS-i sensors
  • AS-i cable and wiring accessories
  • AS-i Safety at Work
  • I/O Link components
  • Power supplies, earth fault monitors
  • AS-i airboxes for pneumatics
  • AS-i valve position sensors
  • AS-i expansion
  • Fieldbus components
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Identification Systems

RFID systems for production and conveying technology as well as identification of work piece carriers and products. Multi-code readers are used for part tracking in the manufacturing process. Product lines include:
  • RFID read / write heads
  • Multi-code readers for 1D and 2D codes
  • Transponders / tags
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Machine Condition Monitoring

Real-time maintenance - the key to condition-based maintenance. Machine and plant diagnosis by monitoring vibration and other process features. Product lines include:
  • Vibration monitoring systems
  • Flow meters for water
  • Flow meters for compressed air
  • Systems for oil quality monitoring
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Systems for Mobile Machines

Control systems for mobile vehicles include controllers, robust I/O modules, HMI displays, CMOS-based camera systems, and position sensors that monitor tilt, pressure and position. Product lines include:
  • Basic control systems
  • I/O modules
  • Cameras
  • Signal converters
  • Mobile controllers
  • HMI displays
  • Diagnostic and service units
  • Sensors
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Wiring Technology

Quick disconnect cordsets and field wirable connectors offer plug-and-play functionality for electrical wiring. Product lines include:
  • Female cordsets
  • Patch cables
  • Female field wirables
  • Y-splitters
  • Male cordsets
  • Wiring blocks
  • Male field wirables
  • COMBICON connectors
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ifm offers a line of accessories that offer quick mounting and easy installation in a variety of applications. Product lines include:
  • Basic mounting
  • Accessories for photoelectric sensors
  • Accessories for cylinder sensors
  • Accessories for AS-interface
  • Accessories for identification systems
  • Adjustable mounting systems
  • Accessories for magnetic sensors
  • Accessories for valve feedback
  • Accessories for control systems
  • Power supplies
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