ifm’s SBN mechatronic flow meter

ifm’s SBN mechatronic flow meter

Mechatronic flow switch with display for reliable flow control of liquid media

  • Monitors flow rate and temperature of water and oil-based media
  • Fast response time is ideal for applications with rapid temperature changes of media
  • Easy to set up outside of the process using pushbuttons or IO-Link
  • Two-color integrated digital display eliminates the need for a reference gauge; values may be set in red or green for at-a-glance status indication
ifm’s SBN mechatronic flow meter monitors water and oil-based liquid media and provides reliable flow control for various flow applications. The mechatronic flow meter sensing principle ensures extremely fast response time and is well suited for cycling applications.

SBN principle of operation
The mechatronic flow sensor combines the benefits of electrical and mechanical flow sensors. It utilizes a spring-supported piston that is lifted by the flowing medium. The piston position is detected via a magnetic sensor and is output as a binary or analog signal. The spring resets the piston to its initial position with decreasing flow. This allows the sensor to be mounted in any position (horizontally or vertically) and function as a check valve.

With a response time of less than 10 milliseconds and a sensing principle unaffected by media changes, the SBN mechatronic flow meter is ideal for:
  • Spindle coolant flow monitoring for drilling
  • Furnace cooling water flow detection
  • Coolant flow monitoring in machining applications

Looking for an easy to use flow switch? Try ifm’s SBN mechatronic flow sensor for your next flow application.

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