T-Slot Cylinder Sensors with weld-field immunity for welding applications

T-Slot Cylinder Sensors with weld-field immunity for welding applications

Weld-field immunity eliminates false signals

ifm’s T-slot Cylinder Sensors for welding applications are immune to the strong electromagnetic fields present in the welding process that can cause the sensor to false-trip. Weld-field-immunity (WFI) allows the sensor to function reliably, eliminating false signals in order to ensure a good quality weld.

Features of T-slot Cylinder Sensors with WFI include:
  • T-slot family of cylinder sensors is designed for welding applications in harsh conditions
  • Weld-field immune sensor will not false trip when exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by welding currents
  • Protective Teflon™ sleeve over the cable prevents weld slag buildup
  • 0.3m pigtail with industry-standard M8 or M12 rotatable connector
  • Weld slag resistant coating on the connector prevents slag buildup
Robust design

ifm’s robust T-slot Cylinder Sensors are made to withstand high temperatures, and the Teflon coating prevents buildup of weld slag. Additionally, the M8 or M12 rotatable connectors are coated to provide resistance against weld slag.

Designed to perform consistently in the demanding environments common to welding applications, our sensors provide a durable option for detecting clamp cylinder position during the welding process.

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