AS-i Support Tools

General Information

AC1144 Handheld Addressing Guide (MS Word, 50k)
AS-i Best Practice Guide (MS Word, 46k)
AS-i Checklist (PDF, 20k)
AS-i Presentation (PowerPoint, 4.7MB)
PLC-ASi Master Cross Reference Guide (MS Excel, 19k)
Controller-e troubleshooting guide (MS Word, 60.3k)

PLC Backplane Master Cards


ControlLogix Quick Setup Guide (MS Word., 40k)
ControlLogix User Manual(PDF, 1.6MB)


CompactLogix Quick Setup Guide (MS Word, 34k)
CompactLogix User Manual(PDF, 1.8MB)
MicroLogix Program Example (.exe, 904k)
MicroLogix Quick Setup Guide* (MS Word, 32k)


SST Quick Setup Guide V3.0 (MS Word, 104KB)
SST User Manual V3.0 (PDF, 492KB)
SST Quick Setup Guide V3.0 (MS Word, 24KB)
USB driver for SLC version 3.0 (zip file, 1.6MB)

controller-e Standalone and Gateway Systems

Devicenet Gateway - AC1308/18 or AC1314/24

Controller-e Devicenet Gateway Program: (Codesys, 123k)
Controller-e Devicenet Gateway Quick Setup Guide (MS Word, 67k)
Controller-e Devicenet to Omron CJ1 Quick Setup Guide (MS Word, 953k)
DeviceNet Data Mapping Example (MS Excel, 18k)

Ethernet IP Gateway - AC13x7

Controller e Ethernet IP Quick Set Up Guide (MS Word, 783k)

Profibus Gateway

Controller-e Profibus Program: Profibus Proj 23 (Codesys, 106k)
Controller-e Profibus to Siemens S7 Quick Setup Guide (MS Powerpoint, 216k)
Controller-e Profibus to SST Profibus Master quick setup guid e (MS Word, 181k)
Profibus Data Mapping Example (MS Excel, 18.3k)


Using ifm RFID on a Controllogix U71005 (PDF, 169k)
Using ifm RFID on a Compactlogix/Micrologix 1500 U71003 (PDF, 112k)
Using ifm RFID on a SLC 5 U71000 (PDF, 282k)


ASISYS 1.5 Demo Software (.exe, 935k)
Codesys addressing and number conversion reference card (MS Word, 1.3MB)
Codesys Software User Manual (PDF, 2.3MB)
Codesys Visualization User Manual (PDF, 709k)
Procedure for Downloading Programs to controller-e (MS Word, 21k)

* Updated 03/14/11