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Accessories for vision sensors - Operating software

  • User-friendly creation and administration of application-specific configurations
  • Real-time monitor mode for set-up and service purposes
  • Storage and distribution of service reports
  • Application analysis via service report

Operating software

The O2V object inspection sensor differentiates between the operating modes "Applications", "Monitoring" and "Service". The operating mode is selected via the operating software.
A new test program is created, managed and configured in the operating mode "Applications". The device can save up to 32 test programs (applications).
The function of the O2V object inspection sensor can be monitored in the "Monitor" mode. This facilitates set-up and parameter setting considerably.
The "Service" mode is used for diagnosis. The current sensor image and all objects are displayed in the image field.
In addition you can open and save reports, make statistical evaluations or display the last images of good or bad readings.