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Spotted: ifm display in a sewer cleaning vehicle

Thanks to the ifm display, the visualisation of the processes is simple and clear. One of these processes is the pumping of grease out of a grease trap.

© „Achtung Kontrolle“ in kabel eins

Many readers will know how difficult it is to get rid of fat after cooking at home. In the catering industry, the same problem occurs, but here it is a lot more severe. To ensure that fats, oils and kitchen wastewater will not end up in the groundwater, restaurants use grease traps that intercept fats, oils and kitchen wastewater from the general wasterwater and store it before further processing. These grease traps will be full after a while and must be emptied every month as required by law.

The television programme "Achtung Kontrolle" on the German TV station Kabel1 has accompanied two sewerage workers during their work. An ifm colleague spotted the ifm display on the programme that was broadcast on 21 March 2019.

In Hanover's sewer vehicles, the displays are used to provide a simple overview of the pumping process. Up to 7000 litres of grease and polluted water can be pumped into the sewer vehicle through a 50-metre-long hose. The display shows the grease pumping process and thereby indicates when the grease trap is empty and the process is finished.

© „Achtung Kontrolle“ in kabel eins

When the sewer vehicle is full, it will be emptied at the local sewage treatment plant where the pumped grease will be fed into the digester. During this process, the display is used again to indicate when the vehicle tank is empty and can be used again.