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Fibre optic diffuse reflection sensor


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  • For installation in places where access is difficult
  • Operation as diffuse reflection sensor
  • For use at short range
  • For cutting to size
  • High-flex version for extremely small bending radii
Technische Details
Function principle Diffuse reflection sensor
Detection zone
Range with fibre optic amplifier type OB50; OBF; OO50
Range fibre optics [mm] 10
Range fibre optics [mm] 10
Range fibre optics [mm] 30
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] -40...60
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 33
Version of sensing head straight
Sensing head thread M3
Sensing head length [mm] 20
Total length [mm] 2000
Min. bending radius [mm] 3
Fibre arrangement
Core diameter [mm] 0.5
Fibre diameter [mm] 2x 217 x 0.06
External diameter [mm] 1
Fibre material PMMA
Fibre head material aluminium
Fibre sheath material PE
Accessories (supplied)
hexagon nuts: 2 x M3
tooth lock washers: 4
Adapter: OBF
Adapter: OOF
Accessories (optional)
Cutter for fibre optics, E20600
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
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