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  4. Integrating PDS

Integrating PDS

The key to a successful implementation of any solution starts with a firm understanding of all of the requirements. PDS is no different. This section provides all of the details required to provide an successful implementation of PDS. This includes:

  • Mounting Position:  Where and how should the camera be mounted to the vehicle.
  • Wiring:  How to wire the PDS solution for power and communication.
  • Software Interface:  How does the PDS solution interface to the vehicle controller.
  • Target Description:  What are the types of pallets that can be seen with the standard PDS solution.

Following these steps will insure a successful PDS implementation.

Recommended Mounting Position

The PDS solution is designed to be mounted between the forks of the AGV or fork truck. Click on the O3D Pitch and O3D Height buttons to identify the ideal mounting position.


PDS resides in the O3D Camera. This camera uses 24V DC for power and Ethernet for communications. The wiring of both interfaces are shown in the following image:

Software Interface

PDS communicates with the vehicle control system via a Wire Protocol over Ethernet. The wire protocol document, code examples and ROS implementation can be download from ifm Github.

Target Pallet Specifications

PDS is designed to detect 2-pocket pallets. The pallets are grouped as “block” or “stringer.” The default settings (shown) can be adjusted to meet additional geometries.