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O3X is designed for short-range low-cost single-camera solutions

ifm develops 3D cameras, based on pmd Time-of-Flight (ToF) imagers, for industrial applications. These cameras are characterized by their highly robust, highly stable point clouds, repeatable measurements in all environments and flexibility in software interface. 

The O3X hardware platform is an intelligent camera for short-range single-camera solutions at a low price point.

  • 352 x 264 (93k) pixel imager
  • Quad core iMx.6 processor calculates the full point cloud onboard the camera
  • Up to 3 m range
  • All algorithms are offboard the camera
O3X camera specifications
Product characteristic O3X100
3D image sensor pmd 3D ToF chip
3D resolution 224 x 172 pixels
3D angle of aperture 60 x 45 °
Integrated light source 850 nm infrared
Max frame rate 20 fps
Range 0.05...3 m
Communication interface 1x ethernet TCP/IP
Protection rating IP50