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  1. Introduction to moneo
  2. moneo | starter kit

The moneo | starter kit is a complete stand-alone package with all the hardware and software required to monitor the health and condition of motors, fans, pumps and many other machines. It is intended to provide a simple and fast proof-of-concept of the moneo IIoT platform. With the single hardware part number QZ9100, you receive:

  • Two vibration sensors (VVB001)
  • One temperature transmitter (TP3231)
  • One surface mount bolt-on RTD (TS2229)
  • One speed monitor (DI5028)
  • One 4-port IO-Link master (AL1350)
  • One moneo | appliance IPC (QHA200)
  • One WLAN wireless bolt
  • Power supply and all required cordsets

The software license, QM9101, must be purchased separately. This license includes 25 infopoints. Additional infopoints can be purchased separately.

The video below highlights several applications you can use for proof-of-concept of the moneo IIoT platform.