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  1. MVQ smart valve sensors
  2. IO-Link benefits

IO-Link provides process transparency

In process technology, valves are an integral part of production and overall quality assurance depends on trouble-free operation of these valves.

With valve feedback solutions, operators at a plant control center now have complete process transparency.

  • Move critical maintenance tasks from unplanned stoppages to planned maintenance.
  • Accessing the power of IO-Link strengthens the efficiency of your production process 24/7.

IO-Link and valve solutions

  • Provide early warning to changes in how the valve moves, preventing poor production quality.
  • Produce a visual representation of the valve’s real-time position on an HMI.
  • Prove that the product is being made as intended with no obstructions in the valve.
  • Receive a time and date stamp when a valve took too long to open or close, potentially preventing unplanned downtime.