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The pmd Profiler is ideal for determining very small differences between parts. Below are just a few example applications.


In any assembly operation the orientation of parts is critical.  This is true for a variety of industries such as automotive, medical and packaging.  The pmd Profiler is checking if the orientation is correct prior to performing another task.  If this is not done correctly then the machine crashes and production stops.

  • Robust on shiny parts like rotary bearings
  • Detailed profile measurement can determine orientation in the medical industry
  • Optimize the performance of a packaging machine by quickly discarding parts with the wrong orientation

Assembly of welded parts

Ensuring parts are in the correct positon prior to welding typically requires vision systems.

The pmd Profiler provides a precise laser line and shows even the slightest misalignment of parts.

  • No challenges due to external light
  • Highly accurate analysis across the entire part
  • Simple Pass/Fail output with easy setup allows for quick installation

If your production line makes multiple assemblies, the OPD101 has onboard memory for up to ten profiles. Simply choose the desired profile remotely via IO-Link or using the pushbuttons to reduce your changeover and setup times.

Correct processing

Confirmation that a manufacturing process was completed before moving to the next step is important to get right.  Automated machinery needs to know if the part is ready to move forward in the process or be ejected from the machine.  

  • Reduce rework by detecting errors when they occur
  • Improve product quality by ensuring machined parts are within tolerance
  • Avoid equipment crashes and damage from incorrect processing

Loading correct part

Effective lean production processes require the ability to check incoming parts to the assembly operation. Components can look similar with small differences on size, shape and threading depending on the customer order.

  • Feeder bowls can deliver multiple sizes of an object
  • The pmd Profiler can easily detect the correct screws, bolts and other fasteners required by unique customers' orders

Fill level

Traditional optical sensors perform differently when trying to sense different target materials.  The pmd Profiler can easily detect both the food product and the packaging.  A quick check of the fill level is easy to determine.

  • Robust measurement on targets with different materials
  • High accuracy results to meet the demands of the packaged consumer goods market

The pmd Profiler measures the difference between a known good fill level and a level that is too high or too low. The OPD101 provides this information over IO-Link with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Gap control

Maintaining the right gap between two sections on a part ensure the right quality and functionality once it is shipped to the customer. The projected laser line makes it easy to position the measurement at the right location. If the gap changes then the matching score on the pmd Profiler will go down. 

  • ROI tool illuminates on to the part during setup mode making it easy to monitor the correct location
  • If the gap increases or decreases, the matching value is not the same as the taught positions so the matching value goes down

Depth measurement

In many cases, these applications are confirming that some kind of fastener was correctly driven to assemble parts. Depending on the fastener type, the pressure or torque of the driving mechanism can drift and ultimately not join parts together. The highly accurate but affordable price of the pmd Profiler allows these points to be checked in all assembly operations.

If your automated operation did not fully drive a fastener into your part, the OPD101 tells you the difference between where the part should be versus where it actually is. The information is transmitted via IO-Link and provides more information about the quality of your part.

Use the chart below for a relative indication of technology to use for various applications. This is intended to be a guide only. Always verify the solution in the actual application.

Application Camera system 1D distance sensor pmd Profiler
Sort by colors
Sort by height
Difficult ambient light
Complex setup
Shiny objects
Variable alignment
Contained object
Uncontained object
Dynamic application
Contour detection