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IO Key: Simplify remote connectivity

io-key is the simplest solution to start your digital transformation journey. io-key includes a pre-built software infrastructure for a reliable and secure wireless connection. It can be deployed easily without IT resources.

Cloud connection for all IO-Link sensors

io-key consists of a cellular gateway, an integrated SIM card and a cloud environment with automatically generated dashboards. It is compatible with over 20,000 IO-Link enabled sensors from more than 200 manufacturers.

Reduce upfront investment cost
The required infrastructure and complex wiring are often the reasons why remote monitoring is costly. io-key reduces the initial investment that is typically required to bring data to the cloud.
Achieve higher machine uptime
Avoid machine downtime by monitoring critical measuring points remotely. Plan maintenance proactively rather than reactively.
Easy setup
io-key can be set up in minutes without the need for IT resources. An intuitive cloud dashboard allows you to monitor, manage, and analyze sensor data online at all times. Email or text alerts can be generated when alarm thresholds have been exceeded.
IO-Link communications
io-key is designed with plug-and-play recognition of IO-Link sensors, regardless of the manufacturer. Sensor data is transmitted to the ifm cloud via an embedded SIM card without IT maintenance and resources.

Be free of cables -- use mobile network instead

io-key transfers sensor data via the mobile network (NB-IoT or 2G network) to a secured cloud and automatically generates a dashboard in real time.

Monitoring decentralized processes and installations can be that simple.

Cloud functions
  • Automatic dashboard generation without any user configuration
  • Sensor connected to the io-key is automatically identified in the cloud
  • Adjustable dashboard with individual sensor data view
  • Manage users and user groups with different permissions and properties
  • Mobile view for monitoring from anywhere
  • Provide real-time recording of multiple process values
  • Data is stored for up to one year
  • Schedule a report or export trend data as .csv or .xlsx files for further analysis
  • Configure alarm thresholds with time stamp information
  • Archive error conditions in alarm history for documentation of failures
  • Acknowledge and clear alarms when needed
Email / text
  • Email or send SMS notification in case of alarm conditions
  • Manage users and user groups for different email notifications


Want to expand your io-key network?

Connect IO-Link hubs to one or both ports of the io-key.  The hubs accept non-IO-Link enabled sensors and pass through a digital on/off signal or analog signal (depending on the hub) to the io-key network. Using a T-splitter on each port of the IO-Link hub doubles the number of other sensors that can be connected. All of these signals are available on the io-key dashboard.