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iStep stories - Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) describes a network of intelligent devices, such as sensors, software, computers and other emerging technologies for the purpose of monitoring, connecting, exchanging and analyzing data. Also referred to as Industry 4.0, IIot is considered to be a leading trend that will affect industrial manufacturing by significantly improving safety, efficiency and profitability. Some of the latest concepts and products are in this section.

New technology set to accelerate scientific research in 2021

While many recognize that 2020 was a historical year, it also revolutionized the tools used in scientific research and simultaneously democratized access that was once out of reach for many scientists.

New laser technology spots bottles of counterfeit whisky

In 2018, BBC reported that 21 of 55 randomly selected bottles of rare scotch were fake when tested for validity. At auction, counterfeit whiskies were commanding top prices, but were not discovered for years after the fact. Now, researchers in Scotland developed a new device that imitates the human tongue’s ability to “taste” differences in the flavor profiles of whiskey

Innovation on the Dairy Farm with ifm’s 3D Vision System

Explore how a dairy producer revolutionized their milking operations by using ifm’s O3D sensor. At Hamra Farms a new generation of milking robots was incorporated in their harvesting process.

pmd Profiler Sensor

The new pmd Profiler provides reliable and accurate performance and quality control in automation applications. With embedded, precise distance measurement, ifm’s profiler verifies the presence of an object and checks whether the correct component has been used and properly installed.

Systems for Mobile Machines

The Mobile Machines area of the ifm website has been updated to provide insight into the technology with customers in mind. The site highlights applications, technology, machine connection and the durability of our mobile control system products.

How smart sensors and new communication technologies are redefining the modern automation pyramid

In March of 2019, Yuen Li, Sr. Product Manager, Networking and Controls, gave a presentation at the Industry of Things Conference in San Diego. Because he received such a strong response, we wanted to provide a synopsis of his presentation. Watch the full presentation here.

The layers of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has developed immensely over the past few decades. In this article, explore the differences between the various subsets of AI to grasp a better understanding of how this technology is used in your daily life. It has already transformed many industries, and is poised to continue doing so.

What if you could have a digital twin?

The concept has been around for decades, starting with NASA, but recently has accelerated in the manufacturing world as design engineers recreate a digital version of the machines in their factories.