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iStep stories - Environment

Innovations in technologies allow us to save the environment. Generating less waste, leaving a smaller footprint, using artificial intelligence and IoT contribute to creating a sustainable future for all of us. More stories to come.

Technology will aid human adaptation to environmental change

Each year, we have seen increasing frequency of severe natural disasters, higher average temperatures, and increased flooding events. We know the environment around us is changing at an unprecedented rate, causing the need for humans to adapt to a more unpredictable future climate.

The Impending Drone Highway

With all of the developments in drone technology and research of various use cases, what has prevented drones from being adopted into widespread use by a company or government? Though drones are now easy to produce and disseminate, no major company has actually implemented drones like we assumed would happen when Amazon filed their patent...

Jellyfish Might Solve The Microplastics Problem

You might be familiar with the term “microplastics” used to describe the tiny bits of plastic that break off from fibers in our clothing or shed from our daily use of plastic products (though their origin is hard to determine and likely caused by many different items.)