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iStep stories - Energy

The latest emerging technologies such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, and electric vehicles along with digital transformation of buildings and cities will be coming in this section.

Triso Fuel Makes Nuclear Power Safe

Nuclear power has often been debated as a clean energy source. While it does not rely on fossil fuels to produce large amounts of energy, it does carry the burden of catastrophic damage when mistakes occur.

Technology will aid human adaptation to environmental change

Each year, we have seen increasing frequency of severe natural disasters, higher average temperatures, and increased flooding events. We know the environment around us is changing at an unprecedented rate, causing the need for humans to adapt to a more unpredictable future climate.

Clear Solar Cells Turn Windows and Electronic Screens into Power Resources

Energy efficiency is a part of our everyday language as natural resources dwindle and energy prices rise. Solar energy, which uses large panels to collect and convert sunlight into electricity, is becoming increasingly common.