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A preview to “game-changing” technologies consumers will start to see become mainstream are in this section. Read about emerging trends such as, the digitization of healthcare, virtual learning, digitization of the financial industry, 5G and 3D printing on demand, enhanced data privacy, digital twins, autonomous vehicles, safer online security, augmented reality, data fabrics, remote working and the movement of cellular networks to the cloud.

Care Robots Finally Ready For the Home

The company Hello Robot came out of stealth mode offering an in-home personal care robot able to work autonomously with dexterity, perception, and unstructured abilities at an attainable cost.

Innovation on the Dairy Farm with ifm’s 3D Vision System

Explore how a dairy producer revolutionized their milking operations by using ifm’s O3D sensor. At Hamra Farms a new generation of milking robots was incorporated in their harvesting process.

One step closer to augmented reality contact lenses

Today, we finally have a prototype for smart contact lens from Mojo, but includes augmented reality in their device. The goal is for the lenses to reduce some of the screens in your life, so it could do helpful tasks like show your work calendar, or allow you to see what notification buzzed on your phone without looking down to check.

The layers of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has developed immensely over the past few decades. In this article, explore the differences between the various subsets of AI to grasp a better understanding of how this technology is used in your daily life. It has already transformed many industries, and is poised to continue doing so.

What is Blockchain?

While Bitcoin valuation spiked in 2017 and has subsequently dropped, the digital currency has been pulled back into the spotlight and has caused much speculation about the currency and its underlying system. Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers bitcoin, but it stands to change the way we interact with others in many ways.