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iStep Newsletter - June, 2021

June 2021 – Edition 15

Dear Reader: iStep eNewsletter is a quarterly periodical designed to highlight breakthrough technologies that will impact our daily lives. In this edition, we explore how 5G and edge computing will further erode the boundary between the logistics and robotics industries. Then, we compare how 5G will cause a new framework of infrastructure split between public and private networks and show how this change in cellular network communications will impact us all.  Discover Moneo|Software for Industry 4.0 and other new ifm solutions.

Enjoy the issue!

5G To Transform Logistics & Robotics Industries

In this article, we explore the blurring boundary between these two industries and how 5G technology paired with edge computing will further integrate the two to produce more successful outcomes for both. Read more about how advancements in technology will reduce barriers and result in more adoption of robotics.

Private vs Public 5G Networks

While 5G promises big returns, how will the build out of physical infrastructure impact the technology? In this article, we discuss the various types of 5G networks, pros and cons, and how they will interact as the future of network communications is built.

Our new software platform, Moneo

To help factories transition into Industry 4.0, ifm launched Moneo, the newest software platform for implementing IIoT initiatives. With 50 years of experience in the industrial automation industry, we used our expertise developing industrial hardware to build a complimentary software platform to make integration as seamless as possible. Let ifm Moneo software drive your Industry 4.0 initiatives forward by easily processing and analyzing your sensor data in real-time to monitor compressed air consumption, motor health, and changes in machine condition to improve performance.

New Controllers for Industry 4.0

ifm’s new All-In-One Industrial Display Controller reduces the cost and time of building and troubleshooting control cabinets. It has more processing power than a typical PLC, is panel free, and does not require a license or subscription. Using IO-link field I/O, you can build an all-digital ethernet based control system within minutes. Easily connect it to your SCADA/ERP/Cloud platforms with built in IoT connectors.

Ignition SCADA IO-Link Templates

What if you could bypass the PLC and quickly connect IO-Link data directly to Ignition? Built and designed for the Ignition Perspective platform, customers using Ignition have been looking for a way to bring even more data into Ignition without having to go through the PLC. These templates allow Ignition customers to quickly drop in a dashboard for an ifm sensor containing IO-Link data without any programming or scripting.

Brain Teaser 

Try to answer the following brain teaser:

A car travels at a speed of 40 mph over a certain distance and then returns over the same distance at a speed of 60 mph. What is the average speed for the total journey?

From the correct responses we will draw 100 and send the winners the following prize:

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