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iStep Newsletter - February, 2021

Dear Reader:

iStep eNewsletter is a quarterly periodical designed to highlight breakthrough technologies that will impact our daily lives. In this edition, we dive into some technological advancements in applications of artificial intelligence and algorithms that will accelerate the rate of medical research in disease therapeutics and the physical sciences. We explore new technologies making diagnostic tools more efficient and accessible to scientists, physicians, and patients. Find out more about new features on the ifm website designed to help you discover full ifm solutions for the most common machines in your industry.

Enjoy the issue!

New technology set to accelerate scientific research in 2021

DeepFold is a new artificial intelligence network from Google’s DeepMind division that accurately predicts disease protein structures. A new algorithm from Caltech researchers solves partial differential equations 1000x faster than current supercomputers. 2020 saw some incredible technological advancements applied to scientific research that will accelerate the development of new disease therapeutics in the years to come. Read more.

Radar sensor tech for blood pressure wearables

Blumio, a small startup company, has unveiled their first sensor to accurately measure blood pressure from a wrist tracker without the need for a pressurized cuff. Read more about how their innovative technology could change the way we monitor blood pressure in real time.

Butterfly iQ increases ultrasound technology access

A new portable handheld ultrasound scanner runs on an iPhone app and transmits images over cell networks. For 20% of the cost of a traditional ultrasound machine, doctors can provide crucial healthcare access for more rural patients without referring them out to facilities further away.

New LDL conductivity updates

The LDL series of conductivity sensors has some new enhancements for 2021. Most importantly, the LDL now has 3A authorization and sensors will start being manufactured with the engraved icon. With the highest sanitary requirements, 3A authorization showcases ifm’s commitment to providing the highest quality and innovative solutions at affordable prices. Additionally, the new LDL201 version of the sensor is now available with a longer probe for tri-clamp installations.

Machine insights

What if you could trend your energy use over time to identify inefficient machines or waste? Compressed air is not a free resource and leaks are often the source of wasted input costs during production. In our latest Machine Insights video, we explore ifm solutions for monitoring compressed air usage and detecting leaks within systems in real-time.

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