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iStep Newsletter - November, 2020

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iStep eNewsletter is a quarterly periodical designed to highlight breakthrough technologies that will impact our daily lives. Our latest sensor solutions for your industrial machines are also introduced.

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First blood test developed for predicting future development of 5 common cancer types

It is a story that we have heard before – someone is diagnosed with a later stage of cancer once they started showing symptoms, making it more difficult to treat. Our current cancer diagnostic tools are mostly lagging indicators, diagnosing someone once they have already had cancer growing for a period of time. While some screening tools hope to catch a diagnosis when it is still in early stages, they are still not guaranteed to do so.

An update to our 2018 Autonomous Cars and the Ethical Dilemma

In 2018, we first ran a story about the ethical dilemma of programming software for autonomous vehicles. In that article, we raised the question of who becomes liable when an autonomous car must decide where to crash in an emergency, especially when all options would result in the fatality of a human being. Currently, a crash is typically considered an accident

New laser technology spots bottles of counterfeit whisky

In 2018, BBC reported that 21 of 55 randomly selected bottles of rare scotch were fake when tested for validity. At auction, counterfeit whiskies were commanding top prices, but were not discovered for years after the fact. Now, researchers in Scotland developed a new device that imitates the human tongue’s ability to “taste” differences in the flavor profiles of whiskey

Returnable Assets White Papers

Implementing a returnable asset program in any manufacturing facility can be a large and complex undertaking. With many technologies on the market, it can be hard to decipher what might be the best solution for your individual needs.

Find Solutions for Your Machines

What if you wanted to find an automation solution by machine type? You know your machine best, but we know that you may struggle to identify the exact solution you need when there are so many customized options available. Starting with the food and beverage production industry, ifm has deployed full 360 degree viewpoints of critical process machines with labeled access points where ifm can provide top quality solutions in the ‘Markets’ tab of our website.

IO-Link Bluetooth Adapter from ifm

What if you could check your critical process points through an app on your phone? The IO-Link Bluetooth adapter from ifm offers an in-line solution for you to access your most important sensor data easily through an app on any android or apple phone. Simply connect the adapter between the sensor and the IO-Link master to bring data directly to your phone without interfering with your process control.

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