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Customer testimonials

MAX VIEW collision avoidance with ifm and ASCOREL

ASCOREL is a system integrator located in France who develops, installs and maintains onboard electronic systems. In cooperation with ifm, they developed the MAX VIEW system for collision avoidance on mobile machines. This system is based on the O3M 3D intelligent sensor and it increases safety while reducing operating costs.

Scania side loading vehicle outfitted with O3M camera

Scania is a global manufacturer of transport systems. ifm’s O3M camera system is used on a side loader operated by ASP Paderborn for navigating narrow city streets on rear and loading areas.

Automatic steering for GREGOIRE grape harvesters

The O3M camera is used on grape harvesters manufactured by GREGOIRE in France. The camera is used to automatically guide the harvester along the rows of grapes, including any curved contours in the rows.  This enables the operator to focus on more important tasks, like picking quality grapes.

Height and distance control for airport vehicles

Every airline in the world wants to optimize efficiency of their gate turnarounds. Damage to aircraft caused by collision with ancillary loading equipment can be very expensive in terms of repair costs and aircraft downtime. The O3M detects the aircraft as equipment moves into position to stop the machine from damaging the body of the airplane.