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The magic formula of the M18 cube

Standard mounting + compact space saving = M18 Cube

Similarities among the cubes

  • Compact rectangular housing for limited space combined with standard M18 thread
  • High protection ratings and robust metal housing for harsh industrial environments
  • Quick and easy setting of switch points via IO-Link or pushbuttons
  • Continuous transmission of the distance value via IO-Link

Photoelectric sensor: For high-speed applications

  • Background suppression and high switching frequency of 1000Hz
  • Reliable performance regardless of target color

Ultrasonic sensor: For difficult surfaces

  • Sensing range up to 1.2 m independent of color, transparency or object’s reflectivity
  • Digital and analog outputs for object detection and level applications

pmd distance sensor with IO-Link: For precise detection

  • Innovative on-chip time-of-flight measurement system with pmd technology for a very precise measurement up to 1.5 m
  • Powerful laser can detect deviations in the position of small parts

3 measuring principles provide solutions for every application:

Object / Application   pmd Distance

Shiny objects

Irregular objects

Objects with holes

Transparent objects



Large area
one signal

Angle to target

Small targets

Different color targets

Level of irregular objects
(seeds, potatoes)

Long range (>1m)